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This week, our card of the week is the Five of Cups, but reversed. When we look at the OG Smith Rider-Waite card of Five of Cups, the image here is this sad looking guy in this dark cloak, just staring down at these three empty cups spilled in front of him. However, he’s not acknowledging the two full cups behind him.

Yes, the spill is undeniable, but perspective, to me, is the most important element of the Five of Cups, because the card is ruled by Mars, the planet of war and destruction, in the deep water sign of Scorpio. So Mars and Scorpio, to me, are asking, what are the lessons and the losses?

What are the lessons in the transformation? I always say to clients, in terms of the energy of Five of Cups, what if the cups that are spilled are cheap, bad quality table wine? But what if the two glasses full behind the character in Five of Cups is Dom Perignon or Veuve Clicquot, the best champagne or wine you could imagine.

So the reversal of five of cups which luckily is what we're working with this week, suggests that, yes, we may have recently suffered a delay, a loss, a setback of some sort, but now we're able to see the bigger perspective as to not only what happened more clearly, but why it happened.

This could point to a relationship that's recently ended, a job that you've left, or a home or a geographic location that you're moving out of. So though Mars and Scorpio are far from a tranquil energy, seeing the lessons and the loss, and being able to give gratitude to what you still have, what you may have even gained in the process, are one of the most empowering parts of transformation.

One of the most empowering elements of Five of Cups reversed: if someone or something has exited our lives recently, chances are, even if it felt unexpected or sudden in ways, intuitively it probably wasn’t feeling aligned for a while now. When you're in those jobs, you're in those relationships, and boom, you lose your job or your partner breaks up with you, was it really all rainbows and smiles leading up to that point? Chances are, it wasn’t. The Five of Cups reminds us that whatever it is that has recently departed has left, it probably wasn't wasn't feeling good for a while. It was probably giving you a little bit of that hangover from the cheap wine that was in those cups.

And now the most important part of this week's energy and the reversal of Five of Cups is what is that spill? What is that exit making room for? What can we now give more attention to? Where can we put our effort and our love this week?

The Five of Cups reminds us that the power that comes with the change, that comes with the transformation, the milestones and life lessons, will come to us when we're fully willing and open to embracing the transformation.

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