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Our card of the week is the Reverse Devil. This has been an interesting couple of weeks considering last week we had the Five of Cups reversed and this week we have the Reverse Devil. However, the key here is that both cards are showing up reversed.

If you are going to get the Devil card, the reversed one is the best to get. The Devil can be a challenging card for all of us as it signifies self-sabotage and temptation. If you are a Fire sign, the Devil card is even tougher because we are decadent and hedonistic, and the Devil really is the epitome of temptation.

The Devil is a challenging teacher. Think of that mean professor that made you re-evaluate your self-sabotaging habits; they could be brutal, and you probably hated them at times, but at the end of the day you undeniably learned a lot from them.

The reversal of the Devil indicates that we know what our triggers are, we know what our areas of self-sabotage are. For some of us it can be substance, a few glasses of wine with dinner, a joint in the evening that numbs away the unpleasant feelings about our work and life situations and instead of having to look at how we can actually change our circumstances.

For others, it can be people pleasing to avoid conflict in a relationship or friendship instead of reevaluating how we feel and if these relationships are suiting our needs and filling up our cups.

Sure, people pleasing can be easier than standing in our truths, but the Devil is here to remind us that facing these issues head on will nip the vices we distract ourselves with in the bud, and free us. We can unshackle ourselves at any point, we just have to find the strength within ourselves to step into the light and free ourselves from the energy of the devil.

This week; be attuned to the signs that you may be numbing away a difficult conversation, an unhappy relationship or friendship, or the need to constantly seek approval from others.

It is only when we recognize these signs and behavioural patterns in ourselves that we can work to correct them and push the devil off our backs.

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