• We’re rule-breakers: we believe fashion can be ethical, affordable, trendy and comfortable all at once.
  • We are transparent about the way we make clothes.
  • We care about the planet, the people and animals.
  • We keep both our prices and our wages fair.
  • We’re women-led and we support other women.
  • We give back to our community


  1. The planet: there is enough waste produced by the fashion industry. We are committed to sourcing responsible and ethical materials and to make clothes in a way that is the least damaging to the environment possible. As much as possible, clothes are made locally in our own manufacturing facilities in Victoriaville, Québec, Canada where we keep a low carbon footprint. Our products don’t have to travel very far either, and we keep packaging to a minimum to further reduce waste. Sometimes there are garments we can’t make locally, and when that’s the case we look for the most responsible option available to us. We will always be transparent about our choices with you.


  1. The people: we care about the humans who make our clothes, and the ones who wear them. We’re women-led and pretty much an all-women team too! We make sure our employees and our suppliers receive fair wages. We also keep price points affordable for you, our customers, because we believe making responsible fashion choices doesn’t have to be expensive. When we buy fabric or finished goods from suppliers outside Canada, we make sure their facilities are run responsibly. As much as possible we favour working with women so we can support other female entrepreneurs’ ventures too. We also give back to our community and are always looking to support others; that’s just who we are and we know you care too!


  1. Animals: we’re almost vegan (even though we know that’s not the ultimate guarantee of environmental responsibility) because we don’t think animals should suffer for the clothes humans wear every day. Yes, you will find wool in our collections; and you can be 100% sure it’s sourced ethically. The most important thing for us is working with suppliers who are dedicated to animal and environmental welfare, just like us. We’ll always share how and where things are made with you so you can make choices based on accurate information. Have a look at OUR MATERIALS to get more information on our choices for products.