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Let’s look at our card of the week - what does the collective needs to know for the upcoming week of July 5th? I pulled the Six of Swords. This is a great card for being in a waning moon cycle, actually this week and with the New Moon on Friday as it's all about transition, change and letting go of old baggage, much like the Six of Swords. This card is ruled by Mercury and Aquarius, which often means expression. 

That brings in expansive energy, but not necessarily without challenge. When we look at the imagery in traditional tarot decks, the Six of Swords shows a woman and a child huddled on a boat, carrying six swords, with a man on the back of the boat behind. One thing that always grabs my attention with this card is the water. There's kind of this choppy water on the front, the near side of the card where they're rowing away from. And there are these smooth waters in the horizon. And it seems to show that this week, we're leaving behind a challenging situation to go into a more peaceful harmonious future. The sorts in the boat also represent mental anguish that we can carry around with us. 

This could be around a current transition. As we're talking about the waning moon cycle, moving into the New Moon in Cancer, even if your heart knows what's right, and where you're headed, your mind can be doing that analysis paralysis game, where our ego is feeding those old limiting beliefs into our brains. Six of Swords is here to remind us that it's safe to drop off old, emotional and mental baggage and limiting beliefs in order to transition to the next destination of our journey. So, this is so close. We can almost see it on the horizon this week. For some of us as well, this week may bring a trip or change of scenery in some way as this card indicates a journey that can be of the body and or of the mind. But if you have a trip planned, do pay attention to meaningful conversations that occur on this, and as we see in the two passengers on the boat on the original Tarot deck, the Six of Wands card, they have this man rowing them to safety. So you're likely going to find that conversation that will really show that you have more support than you may have realized.

 In my own Badass Bitches Tarot deck, I drew the Six of Wands as Alanis Morissette, because

after a powerful journey that was both physical as well as a healing journey of the soul, Alanis has become such a champion for self-care and healing. She even produced a documentary which dives into what it's like to be a highly sensitive person and her journey of healing.

The Six of Wands card basically encourages us to find balance and releasing old mental stories and blocks to move forward, lighter and freer from an emotional and energetic standpoint this week.

I hope that that was helpful and I hope you all have a fantastic New Moon in Cancer this Friday, and as always, stay magical AF!

For more insights, tune in to the Hex and the City podcast, presented by Louve, airing weekly on the podcast platform of your choice, including Apple and Spotify.