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This week, our card is the Queen of Swords. We are not messing around this week! The Queen of Swords is ruled by the elements of water and air because Queens are ruled by water and swords are ruled by the element of air. There's a lot of forward motion in this card, as both water and air are always flowing and push each other forward.

I often refer to this card as the Justice card's little sister, because they do have some overlap. They both have that ability to speak their truth, but whereas Justice is more about balance and boundaries, the Queen of Swords focuses on decisiveness and discernment.

I illustrated the Queen of Swords card as the infamous Judge Judy within my deck, Badass Bitches Tarot, because she's very clear and concise and her decisions are decisive. The forward motion brought on by air and water has the ability to move one another. This week is likely going to bring in a situation that requires us to unapologetically stand in our truth and speak our truth.

The Queen of Swords can get a bad reputation for being the cold or emotionless Queen of the Tarot. I actually find there's a lot of care and heart in this card. She does have the element of water and with that, comes a kind of motherly, nurturing vibe at the core.

When it comes to delivering decisions swiftly and efficiently when we talk about the element of air, it's often kinder to just rip off the band-aid than it is to painstakingly rip out every little hair from its follicle. It's no lie she can be abrupt but her swift and efficient motions make for a clean delivery.

The Queen of Swords also gives us permission to walk away from something that we feel we shouldn't have to. In large part, this is because we've been trained to do things a certain way. It could like look a project that no longer resonates even if we thought we would see it through, or a client that is no longer aligned and we don't want to renew despite a long-standing relationship. This can very much apply to friendships and romantic relationships as well.

Many of us have been taught to always finish what we start, whether it's a book, a movie or a project; but let's face it, sometimes we start something and intuitively we know it's not going to be enjoyable for us to finish.

The Queen of Swords teaches us that if we just aren't feeling it, it's time to move on — she's all about the "thank you, next" vibes. Take this as permission to clearly and authentically speak your truth and walk away from things that aren't resonating.

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