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This week, our card is the Queen of Pentacles. Elementally, Queens are ruled by water and Pentacles by earth. This results in nurturing and grounding energies that are going to be provided this week. When we look at the Queen of Pentacles, she's very clearly confident. She is settled very comfortably in this beautiful throne of hers and it's because she's worked hard to achieve that.

She is deserving and she is worthy. She built her throne and created this luxurious environment for herself and for others, for her kingdom, for her people. The Queen of Pentacles represents prosperity and security, but also the ways in which we can create.

It's about establishing a comfortable lifestyle that we feel worthy of. As we gear up to head back to school and back to work in the coming weeks, what does it look like for us to hit the ground running? And for those of us who are self-employed, entrepreneurs, artists, or creators, what are you on the cusp of creating? I think a lot of us are really going to feel activated in Virgo season to put pen to paper, so to speak.

So often when we go into these kinds of transitions - and moving from Leo into Virgo is a big one - we start to look at new intentions to be healthier and more successful. We recognize the patterns and behaviours we see in ourselves. What habits do we want to establish for ourselves? Is it more sleep? Is it better care of our bodies, nutritionally? Getting more activity? Is it intentional rituals? Is it more meditation? And as the sun is now moving into Virgo, that hard-working earth sign, what is our relationship to outputting energy, versus receiving energy in?

The Queen of Pentacles really asks us to give gratitude to sources we're receiving from, but also look at where can we open more. Where has receiving been an area of challenge? Let's try to pinpoint the instances where we are saying "no". Is someone offering to grab you a coffee, pick up the tab and you're quick to say, "no, I've got it"? Or is someone offering to help, and you say, "no, never mind. I can do that"? Where can we let ourselves be open to receiving?

In addition to opening that reception from others around us, the Queen of Pentacles also asks us, "where are we generous with ourselves versus where are we restrictive"? And I feel like we all have those certain areas, right? We can be very generous with ourselves and splurge, whereas there are times where we can be super cheap. The Queen of Pentacles asks us to take an honest look at these things. Sometimes the types of things we may be denying ourselves from are those that could actually provide a lot of healing if we would allow ourselves to indulge in them. The Queen of Pentacles teaches us this in a really beautiful way.

Similarly, if you're feeling stuck or your creativity is becoming stagnant, yes- it can be uncomfortable, but it's so freeing to just let it melt away. At the end of the day, to be a queen, we have to be willing to treat ourselves like a queen, first.

The other integral message from the Queen of Pentacles is defining and setting up what a throne means to you. What is your definition of luxury? This is unique for each and every one of us. The Queen of Pentacles asks us to define this authentically and honestly for ourselves and not by other people's standards. What does your throne look like? What does it feel like? Create a throne that truly fits and can be sustainably and consistently supportive for you. This week allows us to look at some of these questions and examine them so that we can set ourselves up for maximum success this Virgo season.

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