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We have the upcoming New Moon in Cancer this Friday, July 9th at 9:17 PM Eastern. I always look at the New Moon as kind of the heart of that astrological season, and in this case, it’s in Cancer. So as we remain in a waning moon period this week, moving up to Friday, meaning that the moon's light is appearing smaller and smaller. This is basically a great period for release. Cancer rules the astrological fourth house of home and family, which means it’s a good week to ask ourselves what feels like home and what are the things that no longer feel supportive, nurturing, and aligned in those areas. As we prepare to begin exiting or transforming them as we move out of the waning moon cycle and into the New Moon in Cancer.

This New Moon supercharges people's intuition and desire for alignment in the fourth house. So going back to this month's card combo, if you listen to the monthly overview from last month on the Hex and the City podcast, this coming week we're likely to see a lot of movement towards big changes that will take place between now and the early fall, September through early October.

For some of us, these might be geographic moves, exiting jobs or relationships in order to move into a much more aligned Cancerian shell. This week, look at signs and clues from the universe that may give indication of what we're being guided to exit in order to receive an upgraded version between now and early fall.

And we look at our July cards, starting with the moon-ruled High Priestess. She's the one that's known as the “psychic” of the deck, the most intuitive card in the tarot with the ability to sit between the light and the dark, therefore having access to everything kind of behind that veil. You can look at this as light and shadow conscious and unconscious ego and higher self.

The High Priestess teaches us that we have access to view all without attaching to either. And how do we come into that place of the observer? It's always been interesting to me that the imagery of this card on traditional tarot decks shows the High Priestess sitting between a black pillar and a white pit. But the energy of the High Priestess is quite the opposite of black and white thinking. It's moving past the polarity, but embracing the nuances in between instead. And that can be a hard place to find when we've been so ingrained with so much polarity and division. 

Our second card for the month is the cancer-ruled Chariot. The Chariot and High Priestess combo is so powerful because once we come into the unveiling of truths and then how that knowledge is leading us forward from the High Priestess, the Chariot comes in with that determination and energetic willpower to successfully move us forward.

If I had to provide a terrible equation for the law of attraction, I would say a High Priestess plus Chariot equals the sun because they feel like manifesting in the law of attraction historically. It’s time to put a lot of emphasis on asking the universe for what you want. It's exactly like ‘ask and you will receive’. July is a great month to capitalize on the energy of the Chariot’s “inspired action”. Many of us, myself included have been experiencing big waves of lethargy and apathy throughout May and June, but the Chariot is ushering in a lot of that much needed energy and inspiration. It’s a great time to start or even resume projects that you may have put down. It's also a powerful time to begin strategizing for changes or upgrades that we're planning for ourselves between now and the fall.

Our third card of the month, pulled during the annual 2021 collective overview (you can listen on our first episode of the year on the podcast) is Seven of Wands, which is ruled by Mars and Leo. I always look at this as a card of perseverance through confidence. There's also an element of strategy and working with the universal time. For example, I have some clients who are in this right now, where they have realized they are not in their soul’s work career-wise and they want to exit. They’re like ‘I wish I could leave yesterday’, but because of financial reasons or even obligations and deadlines within their career they're signed up to complete, the change can’t be this immediate. Even if we've had a sudden awakening to move forward and the energy of the seven major Arcana, the chariot and the seven cards, the seven of Wands reminds us to find a path that is strategic and sustainable.

Try to work through this energy as you navigate what July brings up, and catch our first weekly reading for more specifics for the week of July 5th! And as always, stay magical AF.

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