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Our card of the week: Ace of Swords. This card is ruled by the element of air so it has lots of Gemini, Aquarius, and (our guest of honour) Libra vibes in the Ace of Swords. Since the Aces are ruled by the magician, they hold the energy of new beginnings and truth.

This week, Ace of Swords is also the card that reminds us of the power of intentionality and choice. It's a reminder that it's not about the thing we choose as much as it is about truly, authentically and unapologetically choosing our soul's truth versus choosing out of societal pressures, the desire to fit in or not to disappoint anyone. It's really about, are we choosing this for us, truly, or for something outside of ourselves?

I try to apply this to as many parts of my day as possible. It can be small things or big things, but as my friend Kim likes to say, if it's not 'hell yes!' then it's a 'no'. When we start to filter through that level of presence and intentionality, things become a lot more fun and a lot more rewarding.

The more clear we are with every choice we make versus defaulting to autopilot, the more we reclaim and remember our power. If you remember from last week, this creates a ripple effect of also empowering others when they see us do this.

This week it's a great time to work with the Ace of Swords and ask ourselves, am I doing this thing out of habit or obligation? Or do I genuinely want to do this thing or choose this choice? Where have I stalled myself from doing the thing or making the call this past month? Have I stalled out of old patterns, old programming? Procrastination avoiding potential conflict? And can I challenge myself to choose my choice and really stand behind it this week? Or at least take steps towards beginning to choose my choice?

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