Succession planning

We present you the new Louve Partner – Alice

Let’s say that by letting me catch my breath for a few months, I’ve seen that Alice was a strong pillar for Louve.

I have said to myself a few times that soon, she won’t need me anymore, and everything will go smoothly, maybe even better!

And I’ll be able to travel and take care of my relatives.

If I had had a girl, I would have hoped that she would’ve been as perfect as Alice, to help me in the succession of my business, my baby Louve to whom I gave life.

From the point of view of a woman entrepreneur, this succession planning is an important step in the business, and is based on the fundamental values of Louve: durability. Durability in products, but also in business, to promote the movement of responsible fashion for future generations. I dream of the day when we will have 200 happy and accomplished employees across the globe. (OK, maybe I underestimated, but we feel the vibe).

 It’s with pleasure that we share this announcement, and that we will keep you posted of future plans, because we’re here for you and because of you.

The 4 fundamental values of Louve, internally: integrity, transparency, respect and competence.


  A few advantages of succession planning:

  • Harmonize values and solidify the spirit of belonging.
  • Include the team in growth management
  • Help employees in the career plans and professional aspirations within the organization
  • Improve the capacity of employees to respond to evolving environmental issues
  • Promote a culture built on knowledge transfer and continuous improvement 

Succession planning is known as a key activity to ensure the durability of current jobs within the business.  

I’ve been telling myself, by sustaining a stable growth like the last two years, in how long could Louve develop a market such as Europe… 10 years? OK, but when do I take my pre-retirement… lol

I have quickly understood that by planning the future, and making key roles shareholders of the business (Alice being the first), I would be ensuring the durability of Louve in time.

I don’t feel like a decipherer anymore, and I like this role!

It is like anticipating sticks in spokes. You never know what will block your path, so putting forward a succession plan , we fall in contingency planning to ensure the survival of the business in case of major changes. You never know, I might marry and become pregnant with twins in 2022, haha!

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