5 easy tips to Stay Healthy during the holidays

#1: SLEEP 

It is when you recharge, heal & boost your immune system.

A good 7-8H (minimum) of sleep, will make you more focused, happy, responsive, patient. You will also crave less of the salty & sugary foods around you during the holidays. It will also help in balancing hormones. YAY

Deep sleep also removes toxins & enhances cognitive function.

#2: DRINK (more than alcohol)

Water helps your body detox & is essential to all our body functions. And let's be honest here, travelling can make us dehydrated, so we need to increase the water intake a bit during the holidays. 

You can also choose the cucumbers, melons, grapes, bell peppers, & fruits, and drink an herbal tea instead of a 3rd coffee to help your hydration ;)

#3: Reverse Alcoholic effects

Of course, we all drink a bit more than usual, but how about picking the less artificial drinks during this time to minimize the negative effects of alcohol.

Here are a few tips on what to pick;

  • Organic/biodynamic - sulfite-free wines or natural sulfites
  • Champagnes (YEAH)
  • Clear, unflavoured liquor like organic tequila, vodka & gin.  

Avoid mixers, but if need be, pick ones with Stevia or natural sugars. I find that adding a lot of ginger & lemon or lime to a soda water does the trick. 


There are so many ways to do this, we just need to make the time.

- Detox bath with salts & essential oils.

- Walk or hike with a friend & take the time to connect with mother nature.

- Read a good, inspiring book. Nothing stressful, my favorite author ever is Deepak Chopra. Get inspired.

#5: Be Thankful

We often focus on the half empty, but how about we enjoy every single moment of this time to celebrate life & all the love that surrounds us. 

The holidays end so fast, but try to focus on the present & remind yourself that work is a way to express one of your personality traits, but that during this time, it is the loving side of you that needs to show up & there is no need to get stressed about work until it is time to go back.


Hope these help to stay well & happy.

Happy holidays.


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