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This week, our card of the week is Justice. This card is also being drawn from my Ruth Bader Ginsburg deck, a trailblazer for women’s justice. This card is ruled by Libra, so it’s all about the element of air and balance. On this card, the OG Smith Rider sits on a throne between two pillars. These two pillars represent the balance between truth and logic on one hand, with intuition and discernment on the other.

Think about the balance of inner knowing and intuitive knowing and discern. This week, we are challenged with striking a balance between our analytical and intuitive mind, and utilizing that discernment to set necessary boundaries.

Many of us are so used to prioritizing the comfort of others above our own soul truth and happiness, that the Justice card's energy can feel challenging. The truth is going to come at us with Justice because when we're used to skating over things and not dealing with them head-on, Justice can come up and be a little bit in your face.

This is a process, and especially like I said, when we're used to prioritizing others over ourselves, Justice can challenge us. So instead of making up an excuse as to why you can’t attend an event, consider answering honestly. That truth just feels so much lighter.

Though this can feel drastic, especially when we've been used to people-pleasing for years, if not decades, Justice really asks us, would you want someone to show up out of guilt or obligation for you? And if the answer is no, I think that's some really clear guidance for you. There's no need to show up out of guilt or obligation for someone else.

It can feel really weird when we first start to implement this, igniting the anxiety of “am I going to lose friends? Will people stop inviting me to places?” But the crazy thing that happens is you actually become the VIP club. Since you respect your time and energy so much, so do the people around you, and the guilt and pressure to attend things go away.

Be wary of the people who are triggered by you setting boundaries. Oftentimes, these people are the ones you need to establish boundaries with the most in your life.

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