Indigenous Lives Matter Collection

Indigenous Lives Matter Collection

As we celebrate Indigenous Peoples Day on June 21st, and Indigenous History Month this June, we are partnering with Tla-o-qui-aht Nation’s Tribal Parks located in Tofino, British Columbia for a special collection. Louve Design is donating 100% of the proceeds from the sale of our Indigenous Lives Matter collection, designed by Indigenous artist Ivy Martin. Louve Design is 100% committed to creating sustainable and ethical clothing and with that, comes the responsibility to support the communities we live and work in.

The Tla-o-qui-aht Nation has a long history of working towards a sustainable future for generations to come and protecting the sacred relationship they’ve had with the land for over 5,000 years. The nation has a hard-fought history with logging companies protesting the protection of their home from ruin -- a stunning, ripe rainforest along coastal B.C.

Tribal Park’s battle to protect their land is long from being over. The caretakers and guardians of the land have set out to maintain the same pressure practiced by their elders to fight against governments imposing laws and destroying land that is rightfully theirs.

Helping salmon survive, building renewable energy sources and ensuring everyone has access to clean drinking water are all part of Tribal Park’s conservation efforts. Tla-o-qui-aht Nation aims to bring back the cultural protocols and teachings to live in balance. Not just sustainably, but abundantly as their ancestors did.

The Rieka collection is a sustainable, unisex, surf & skate brand inspired by the North Pacific coast. Tofino is home to Louve Design’s exclusive Rieka brand and as an expression of our gratitude, we hope you’ll join us in our mission to revitalize the biodiversity of this lush land.

Matriarch Movement Podcast Partnership

Over these past few weeks we've had the opportunity to support the Matriarch Movement podcast, an inspirational platform that shines a light on Indigenous women's voices and their stories. The Matriach Movement was founded and hosted by Shayla Oulette Stonechild, an Indigenous activist, yoga teacher, TV host.

As a Mètis and Nehiyaw Iskwew, a Plains Cree Woman, from Muscowpetung First Nations, Shayla Oulette Stonechild has always been a catalyst for Indigenous youth and women unlocking their full potential and reclaiming their voices. There is a powerful shift happening in humanity right now and Shayla believes the arts, meditation, movement and reclaiming an Indigenous worldview all play apart in amplifying voices to bring upon much needed change.

We are deeply inspired by Shayla’s strength and courage in leading the charge to elevate the Indigenous way of life within Turtle Island and beyond. Shayla tirelessly fights for Indigenous representation, accountability from colonizers, and protection of the land, water, plants and animals which is crucial in maintaining Indigenous sovereignty. Speaking to powerful Indigenous women on her Matriarch Movement podcast is just one of the many ways Shayla fights for what matters.

Tune in to Matriarch Movement to learn about Indigenous heritage & culture and the best way to be an ally towards Indigenous women across Canada.