Genderless Clothing For Everyone

"We want to create ethically made, fairly priced clothing that will fit every gender and body type"

Every clothing brand on the planet is defined by gender. It's either a brand for women, a brand for men, or a brand that will split its products by gender, each within their own little world.

We want to change that.

We dream of creating clothes with materials and cuts that will fit anyone comfortably and make them look great, year-in and year out.

Our clothes are made in a socially responsible environment, always doing our best efforts to work within the smallest carbon footprint possible.

For example, we use recycled, renewable, and eco-friendly materials in hopes of ending the reliance on unethically and environmentally damaging mass-produced goods.

At the heart of what we do, we want to treat our environment with respect and care and hoping our values will inspire others to follow a path to a happier, and more sustainable future.

If our values resonate with yours, leave us your e-mail below to be contacted when we launch.

Thanks for being part of Rieka!