Louve Design is a socially responsible company that specializes in the design and manufacturing of women’s clothing. Based in Québec, Canada, since 2009, we are your reference in ethical fashion and up cycling. Creating trendy, affordable, and comfortable products, our collections offer items that are both casual and elegant, as well as perfectly fitted for all women. 

At Louve Design, we like to go right to the source (back to basics). Our mission is to dress authentic women bosses who have a thirst for life and nature adventures, who look for spontaneity and diversity, and who are sensitive to the importance of self-respect and truly care about the environment. Inspired by a green sustainable world of fashion, our brand proves that it’s possible to produce a fashionable and environmentally responsible apparel that is high in quality, without imposing its designer price tag. With a vertically integrated business model, we have total control on all aspects of the production and ensure a sustainable and ethical product that will satisfy your every need.

“We are proud of our clothing and take pleasure in making them. All our products are made with love and respect. It’s in the fibre of who we are.” — Véronique Goulet, Louve Design Owner


*Upcycling means using already existing pieces to manufacture new things. Louve Design produces all its clothes with recycled materials (end of rolls) and trimmings found in vintage stores. We own our clothing manufacture located in Québec, Canada where everything is produced. We strengthen and support our local community and therefore lower the carbon footprint of our clothes. Louve Design believes we can plant the seeds and ideas for a fundamental transition in the fashion industry in which the prevailing practice would be one of sustainability and mindfulness. 


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747 boulevard Pierre-Roux Est, Local 109, Victoriaville, G6T 1S7

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