The Louve Design Story

Raised by a strong-willed woman, Veronique Goulet grew up around the fashion industry. Wanting to be by her mother’s side, who to this day remains her biggest source of inspiration, she spent her childhood at her parents’ clothing manufacture and gradually developed skills with the sewing machine.

Despite her seamstress prowess, Vero’s strength has always been in the art of counting. She studied science in college and finished her university studies with a bachelor of administration. Dreaming of one day being able to open her own design company, when she was 19, she left for the Canadian West Coast to study at the Vancouver College of Art and Design. She remained in British Columbia for 8 years, working in the distribution sector of snowboarding clothing and accessories boutiques. During that time, Vero began to explore the beauty that is Canada and quickly became a fervent lover of nature. Then, as she returned to Québec, she went back to school at LaSalle College to develop her skills in fashion design.

In the early 2000s, following major changes in the textile industry, the family business was on its last mile. Determined to revive its flame, in 2009, Vero took the reins of the enterprise as an accountant and manager. At that moment, she saw a golden opportunity and founded her own brand that she named Louve Design.

Hi Vero! Tell us a little bit about your brand Louve Design. Where did the idea come from?
I started Louve Design, my own clothing brand, because I could never find what I wanted on the market. I began creating my own clothing to answer all of my needs. I have a background in fashion and grew up around the textile industry. My parents, to this day, own a clothing manufacture. It was sort of logical.

Why did you decide to open your own company on top of running your family’s business? You must have juggled a lot at the same time.
Indeed, it was pretty intense in the beginning! But my mom is my idol. I secretly always wanted to be like her. I wanted her to be proud of me. When I learned that the family business was suffering, I sort of made it my mission to save it. But I also had my own dreams. I lived in the Canadian West Coast for many years. I spent a lot of time in nature and it gave me the idea for Louve Design. When I took over my parents’ manufacture, I had this huge space, these sewing machines. It was a sign. I didn’t hesitate and simply jumped on the opportunity.

According to you, what are your company values?
The respect of nature and humanity. There!
For real, I would love to be able to help people understand that it’s possible to own a company and have its values be something other than just making profit. There exists such a thing as quality and respect. Why a product is made, how it’s made, to me, that is so much more important. I’m a social entrepreneur. If I’m able to inspire and encourage people to practise durability and mindfulness, my job is done. 

You mention the term up cycling a lot. What is it exactly?
Upcycling is a term that means the action of recuperating materials and products that are no longer used. In the case of Louve Design, we take pieces of fabric from other companies that don’t need them anymore. Our clothes are 35% upcycling and we are very proud of it. We are also a zero waste company.  

What’s your biggest dream for Louve Design?
That my clothes be accessible to women worldwide and that they wear each item with pride.

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